Research for reform of laws

The Uganda Law Reform Commission completed research on various areas of the law and made proposals in form of the Markets (Amendment) Bill, Witness Protection Bill, Magistrates Court (Amendment) Bill, and Trial on Indictment (Amendment) Bill. In addition, the Commission initiated research for reform of Electoral laws, Births and Deaths Registration Act, Prisons Act, Money Lenders Act and a new legislation to govern Mobile Money and Internet Banking Transactions.

The Commission also chaired the EAC meetings of the subcommittee and taskforce on approximation of laws in the EAC context up to December 2013 consequent to which the following was achieved. Developed a model Contract Law for the Partner States; Drafting Model laws on Intellectual Property is ongoing; Commenced work on alignment of the 2nd batch of laws to the EAC Common Market Protocol. The laws so far reviewed are Advocates Act, The Uganda Law Society Act, Financial institutions Act, Microfinance deposit taking institutions Act, The Evidence(Bankers Books) Act and the Income Tax Act