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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]MINISTRY DEPARTMENTS AND THEIR ROLES.


The mandate of the department is;

  1. To act as the overall Regulatory Authority for the entire legal profession and Legal Aid Service Providers in Uganda”.
  2. To Inspect Law Chambers and issue a Certificates of Approval of Chambers (CAC) for chambers.
  3. To Receive applications for accreditation of universities or institutions seeking to offer courses leading to the accord of law degrees in Uganda.
  4. To Receive applications for recognition of foreign legal qualifications in the country.
  5. To Receive reports on continuing legal education from the service providers.
  6. To Undertake disciplinary proceedings against errant lawyers.
  7. To Regulate legal aid services in the country.
  8. To Regulate pro bono services in the country.


The mission / mandate of the Directorate is;

  1. “To ensure that estates of deceased persons, missing persons and persons of unsound mind, are administered in accordance with the Succession Laws in Uganda.”
  2. Resolve family wrangles and disputes expeditiously;
  3. Administer estates of deceased persons, missing persons and persons of unsound mind in accordance with the succession laws;
  4. Represent the Administrator General in courts of law, tribunals and other agencies;
  5. Issue Certificates of No Objection to intending administrators.
  6. Institute legal proceedings against intermeddlers and fraudulent administrators of deceased persons’ estates;
  7. Manage estates of deceased persons, missing persons, properties of minors and people of unsound mind in in accordance with the Public Trustees Act
  8. Issue land transfers to the appropriate beneficiaries.



The mandate of the directorate is;

  1. to provide professional legal advisory support services to the Minister, Attorney General and Solicitor General in execution of the constitutional mandate to give advice to Government, Local Governments and MDAs.
  2. Receive requests for legal advice and advise Government, its Allied Institutions and Local Governments on the Constitution and other laws.
  3. Negotiate, draft and peruse contracts and clear agreements treaties, protocols and MoU’s to which Government is a party;
  4. To peruse and advise on the legal framework of Government policies and draft Cabinet Memos and to prepare Cabinet Memoranda.
  5. Prepare legal opinions for Attorney General on the legality of credit and other agreements.
  6. Organize proceedings for the Committee of Prerogative of Mercy.
  7. Enhance observance of human rights-based approach in government policies and MDAs.



 The Mandate of The Directorate of First Parliamentary Counsel is;

  1. To Draft Bills, in accordance with the principles approved by Cabinet.
  2. Prepare Cabinet Memoranda in respect of Bills of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs;
  3. Provide technical assistance in the drafting of private member’s Bills, on request.
  4. Draft Statutory Instruments, Legal Notices and Parliamentary Resolutions.
  5. Vet Ordinances and bye-Laws for districts and municipal councils and re-draft them as necessary.
  6. Authorize publication of Acts of Parliament, Bills, Statutory Instruments and other legislative instruments.
  7. Advise on the interpretation of existing and proposed laws, and also Advise on law reforms.



The Mandate of The Directorate of Civil Litigation is;

  1. To act upon notices of intention to sue Government and its allied institutions and local governments.
  2. Represent the Government in civil proceedings instituted by or against the Government, its allied institutions and local governments.
  3. Represent the Government and its allied institutions in all complaints instituted against it the Human Rights Tribunal.
  4. Represent Government in all mediation and arbitration proceedings;
  1. Initiate process approvals for payment of court awards and compensation claims brought against Government;
  2. Negotiate out of court settlements on behalf of Government;
  3. Advise Government, its allied institutions and local governments on civil litigation matters.
  4. Timely prepare and facilitate witnesses to attend courts of law and Tribunals and Commissions;
  5. Conduct periodic workshops and seminars to engage and sensitize the MDAs and other stakeholders on legal processes and developments.



The Mandate of the Department of Finance and Administration is; provide support services to the Political Leadership and the Directorates and Departments of the Ministry for efficient and effective service delivery. The support services rendered include; financial management, human resource management, information and records management and facilities and logistical support.

The Department provides leadership, planning, organization, coordination, implementation, supervision, communications and media relations, monitoring and evaluation support or services.



























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