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MbararaHRDC Committee Memebers

Research for reform of laws

The Uganda Law Reform Commission completed research on various areas of the law and made proposals in form of the Markets (Amendment) Bill, Witness Protection Bill, Magistrates Court (Amendment) Bill, and Trial on Indictment (Amendment) Bill. In addition, the Commission initiated research for reform of Electoral laws, Births and Deaths Registration Act, Prisons Act, Money Lenders Act and a new legislation to govern Mobile Money and Internet Banking Transactions.


The Administrator General/Public Trustee is a department under the Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs that was established in 1933 to provide efficient, fair and expeditious machinery for the administration of estates of deceased persons. It draws its mandate from Article 247 of the 1995 Ugandan Constitution as amended and was established by the Administrator General’s Act Cap 157 and the Public Trustee Act Cap 161.