May 15, 2021

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A word from from the Minister


This Client charter is a publication of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. It sets out the service standards and commitment to continuous service improvement which clients and stakeholders should expect of the Ministry. It has been developed after a series of consultations among the staff of the Ministry and between the staff and the external stakeholders of the Ministry. The Charter binds the staff of the Ministry, its clients, and stakeholders.

The basis of this Charter lies in the Government Public Service Reform Programme (PSRP) which aims at improving public service delivery. The new public service order demands for partnership between the service providers and the citizens. The importance of partnership is to enable the public to participate in the design, monitoring, and evaluation of Government programs and services which affect them. Relatedly, this partnership is supposed to lead to the creation of best practices, transparency, and accountability as pillars of good governance.

The purpose of this Client Charter, therefore, is to serve as a tool to enhance transparency and accountability in the provision of the Ministry’s services to the public. Most importantly is to enable clients and stakeholders to access the Ministry services more easily with due regard to the best practices and systems of good governance.

I recognize with appreciation the contribution of the Ministry of Public Service in the provision of guidance and technical support throughout the process of developing this Charter. In the same vein, I wish to recognize the clients and stakeholders as well as the entire staff of the Ministry who participated in the formulation of the Client Charter.

It is our hope that this Charter will contribute immensely, in the long term, to the realization of the Ministry vision; “A nation that upholds the rule of law, good governance and due process for all”.

The Ministry will endeavor to ensure that this Client Charter is implemented and revised from time to time in order to keep it abreast with new challenges and opportunities.


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Last modified on Friday, 12 March 2021 06:04
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