July 30, 2021

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Administrator General and Public Trustee

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The mission / mandate of the Directorate is; “To ensure that estates of deceased persons, missing persons and persons of unsound mind, are administered in accordance with the Succession Laws in Uganda.”

The Directorate shall-

  • On receipt of a death report, open a file within one day, upon payment of shs. 2000 for a file and a form;

  • Resolve family wrangles and disputes expeditiously;

  • Administer estates of deceased persons, missing persons and persons of unsound mind in accordance with the succession laws;

  • Represent the Administrator General in courts of law, tribunals and other agencies;

  • Issue Certificates of No Objection to intending administrators (Identified from among the beneficiaries at family meetings held at the office of the Administrator General or his or her agents) within nineteen days of application.

  • Institute legal proceedings against intermeddlers and fraudulent administrators of deceased persons’ estates;

  • Manage estates of deceased persons, missing persons, properties of minors and people of unsound mind in in accordance with the Public Trustees Act Cap. 161;

  • Effect payments to beneficiaries within one week of receipt of the request; and

  • Issue land transfers to the appropriate beneficiaries within five days, upon payment of a fee of 1.5% of the value of the property.

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